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Methane in Well Water


Nations Pure Water Systems Can Solve Methane Gas in Your Well WaterThe first thing to know about methane and other hydro carbon related gases is that they are not common. When methane is present in water wells it is either in a gaseous state or dissolved state. Methane formed as a gas, or that is not dissolved in the water, can be “blown off” through a well cap as the well runs. Methane that is dissolved in the water however, cannot be “blown off” at the well cap.

Methane is flammable and therefore should be removed at the earliest opportunity. Concentrations of methane contamination must substantial before flammability is a concern due to the rate of speed at which dissolved methane leaves the water. The problem with the presence of methane in ANY concentration is the uncertainty of knowing when hazardous levels may be reached. Methane requires specialized testing and is removable when present. We have documented cases of 99.9% of methane removal from contaminated wells!

Call us or click here if you have concerns about Methane contamination in your well.

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Our system has run flawlessly since we had it installed 3 years ago. Nation’s Pure is an outstanding company. Thank you.
Fort Worth, TX

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