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Smelly, Hard, Scaly, Chalky Water with Spots?

Rotten egg smell gone before we leave your driveway!

We fix every well water problem. Free on-site well water testing and custom solutions. Smelly Well Water should never be tolerated!

We will Test it, Treat it and Beat it, Guaranteed!


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Smelly, Hard, Scaly, Chalky Water with Spots?

Your water smell will be gone before we leave your driveway!

We fix every well water problem. Free on-site well water testing and custom solutions. Smelly Well Water should never be tolerated!

We will Test it, Treat it and Beat it, Guaranteed!


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We solve any water problem. Well water issues cured by the experts at Nation’s Pure Water Systems.



Each Nation’s Pure customer has one thing in common: great water! But how we arrive at great water has many different paths. Whether you have current equipment that needs servicing or replacing, our Service Department is specially qualified to take care of you. Perhaps you are building or remodeling a home, we can partner with your contractor to communicate the optimal arrangement for your specific water filtration system. Below is a listing of some of the many services we provide. If you do not see your particular need then call us! We can customize a solution for you.
The best and only way to approach well water treatment is to know the chemistry of the water. We are hydrogen sulfide specialists. Our free on site water testing will be performed by courteous and dedicated staff who intimately understands well chemistry!


“Nation’s Pure is top notch and their willingness to explain and make certain you understand the process is hands down the best. We highly recommend Nations Pure and the smell was gone before Nations Pure left our driveway!”

Kay F.

Weatherford, TX

“Such a difference! The iron was over-the-top. We were constantly cleaning everything in the house and our laundry was a mess. Life without iron is great; thanks to Nation’s Pure!”


Stephenville, TX

“Both of my boys have commented on how different the water is now. I like it now! I’m not embarrassed to have out-of-state visitors because the water doesn’t have the rotten egg smell and I really like not having to serve water out of a jug!”


Fort Worth, TX



  • Why does my water smell so bad?

    That smell is caused by a sulfate-reducing bacterium coupled with a common mineral, sulfates. The result is Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide is a volatile, noxious gas with corrosive properties. Contamination levels may quickly and without notice increase dramatically, changing a nuisance to a major problem. Left unattended it may degrade metal components throughout the home. It varies in odor from a classic rotten egg smell to a decaying or rotting odor in the water.
  • What does it mean to have "hard" water?

    Have you ever been in a cave? Do you recall the stalactites and stalagmites? That is water hardness. It got into the cave the same way it gets into your home-it is dissolved in the water. When we say the term “dissolved” we are referring to the same condition or relationship sugar has in water. We all know one could put a full pound of sugar in a quart of water and it would not be visible, because it is dissolved. It (the sugar) is not visible but the full pound sugar could be measured on a scale with the water. That is the very same condition of hardness or scale in water.
  • What does it mean to have "iron" in my water?

    Iron is a unique mineral contamination found in wells across Texas. As an inorganic material it does not tend to fluctuate in total composition but it may or may not stain at a consistent rate depending upon others chemistry factors such as flow, volume, pH balance and other water contaminants.
    As is the case of all minerals, iron sediments get into the water as a dissolved mineral as low pH rain water dissolves this solid mineral into the water. Even with high iron levels it is probable that you could look and see perfectly clear water. Later, the classic reddish, brown stain of iron presents itself. What occurred is the process of oxidation. The oxygen molecule in air added an ion to the dissolved iron and the iron became suspended, turned into a visible particle and then bonded to a surface. There are three different forms of Iron: Ferrous, Ferric, and transitional.
    Fe2 denotes Ferrous Iron. Ferrous iron is dissolved in the water. In this state the water is clear and does not stain. Most iron in wells will be in ferrous form and all iron has the potential of turning into ferric iron.
    Fe3 denotes Ferric Iron. Ferric iron is suspended in the water. In this state the iron staining is present.
  • When do I need well water treatment?

    Well water is considered problematic when the water is constantly and relentlessly turbid. Wells that are turbid will also pulsate to a degree or turn clear and then return to the turbid state. Water in this condition is unusable in any meaningful way for domestic use. The particles of mud have become so small that they form an ionic bond to the water molecule itself and thus the dirt will never clear apart from well water treatment.
    There comes a point when there is no hope that the water will clear on its own and it is time to turn towards a permanent solution.
  • Is my water safe to drink?

    The number one and most important use of water is for human consumption; this is why water purification treatment is necessary. Filtered water purification contributes to overall health.
    It is possible to have a wide array of bacteria, organic contaminants and many other constituents which directly affect the safety of your water at home. There is not a single systematic source of ongoing well water tests anywhere from any source. A well owner is on their own with water safety which is directly related to water purity. Nation’s Pure has met the need of ensuring safety through our drinking water treatment.
  • What about city water?

    Today over 70% of the adult population is drinking bottled water. Municipal water in Texas is monitored and regulated to comply with the standards for public health and safety, but it does not always meet personal needs and concerns.
    When scale free water, odor free water, or just the assurance of chlorine removal is a priority in your home, Nation’s Pure has solutions to meet your personal needs. It is possible to have bottled water quality in your home for pennies a gallon and to have household water you can really appreciate.


First things first. To deteremine which solution will work best for your needs, we want to schedule an appointment to come out and test your well water. Please fill out your details, and we will contact you shortly!


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