100% self cleaning & disposes of the hard deposits removed from household water.

DuraMax-W Self Cleaning Feature

DuraMax-W is 100% self cleaning. Based upon the water used, the system will dispose of the hard deposits removed from household water. At this time it will take itself “off line” and begin the automatic cleaning process. The self cleaning function is accomplished at predetermined “low use” times. Normally 2AM is selected for the cleaning of regeneration process to occur. Water is provided through the entire cleaning/regeneration process. Under no circumstances is the home left without water flow with or without power to the system.
DuraMax-W Information CenterThe control instantly informs you, the customer, how many clean gallons of water remain prior to the next cleaning. You never have to guess where the system is at between regenerations. Most importantly, is the ongoing availability of clean water. Unique to the DuraMax-W control is the ability of the control to monitor, record and display peak water flow, 62 day water use history and other key information about water system management.
DuraMax-W Lifetime Memory RetentionThe DuraMax-W System’s deep program memory is immune to power loss. It retains key details of the service settings and water used. DuraMax-W delivers under adverse conditions. The system will retain time memory through 97.6% of all known power interruptions in the U.S.
24V Low Power UseThe DuraMax-W System requires only 24V to operate and can use any standard 110V outlet. An extended low voltage line is provided which precludes the need for unsightly extension cords. DuraMax-W Superior Bypass and Valve DesignDuraMax-W will automatically bypass during cleaning times but also has a manual easy to use physical bypass standard with each system. The system is also installed with a convenient “whole house” cut off, eliminating the need to search for water valves in difficult to access locations should water ever need to be turned off for any reason.
DuraMax-W Superior Vessel ConstructionThe media tank is designed to last a lifetime. It begins with an ABS blow molded ultra smooth inner tank for maximum flow. Strength is added by the second filament outer tank. At this stage, each and every tank is tested 100,000 times without leakage to insure strength and performance year in and year out. Minimum burst pressure is rated at 600psi. Finally, beautiful and durable steel is wrapped around the inner tanks to create a product that is aesthetically pleasing yet rugged as well.
DuraMax-W Premium Grade Media

● Anthracite: Anthracite offers an angularity that results in the best water filtration. This facilitates a better holding capacity for solids than rounded sand, providing a consistently improved filtrate quality.● Premium Grade High Density Coconut Carbon: Low PH washed Coconut Carbon offers fast pH stabilization and superior removal of organic contaminants. Carefully controlled activation results in high internal surface area with optimum pores for proper absorption. This helps to eliminate chlorine and chlorine taste.● Premium High Grade Resin: Designed specifically for the treatment of potable water, the high purity, premium grade resin is used in processing water for food, foodstuffs and beverages. It complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Code of Federal Regulations, Section 21, paragraph 173.25.● Premium Grade Garnet: Unique and uniform physical and chemical characteristics make garnet the perfect choice for final filtration. Garnet, a mineral without free elements in its structure, does not react with other compound chemicals or minerals. Because it is relatively inert, it also resists chemical degradation. It provides optimal filter performance, and improved flow distribution. It is used as a “polishing” layer to achieve extremely high water quality.● Washed Quartz: Unique and uniform physical and chemical characteristics.

DuraMax-W Regenerate Storage Container
The storage container is built to last-and-last without replacement or concern. Capable of holding enough salt to last up to 6 months, and in some cases longer, without refilling. The actual rate of replenishment varies upon water usage. Rugged, durable and compact, it provides the regenerate material precisely when needed for the cleaning process to occur.

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