Iron Removal From Well Water



Iron stains everything!

Iron is a unique mineral contamination found in wells across Texas. As an inorganic material it does not tend to fluctuate in total composition but it may or may not stain at a consistent rate depending upon others chemistry factors such as flow, volume, pH balance and other water contaminants.

Water Treatment for Iron SedimentsAs is the case of all minerals, iron sediments get into the water as a dissolved mineral as low pH rain water dissolves this solid mineral into the water. Even with high iron levels it is probable that you could look and see perfectly clear water. Later, the classic reddish, brown stain of iron presents itself. What occurred is the process of oxidation. The oxygen molecule in air added an ion to the dissolved iron and the iron became suspended, turned into a visible particle and then bonded to a surface. There are three different forms of Iron: Ferrous, Ferric, and transitional.
Fe2 denotes Ferrous Iron. Ferrous iron is dissolved in the water. In this state the water is clear and does not stain. Most iron in wells will be in ferrous form and all iron has the potential of turning into ferric iron.
Fe3 denotes Ferric Iron. Ferric iron is suspended in the water. In this state the iron staining is present.
The Iron Filtration ProcessTransitional Iron is aptly named. It is state of the Iron content in the moment between the two states of Ferrous and Ferric. Depending upon the surrounding water chemistry, transitional iron can play a pivotal role between a successful application and a failed one. There are also other influencing factors to the subject. The acid/alkalinity balance, the total alkalinity and the hardness of the water play an important role in the best way to remove iron.
Hard Water Drinking FiltersWe are skilled and experienced and know just the right tool and its application to produce an iron free water supply from any water. Testing is the essential first step to water treatment.

More information on these aspects of stinky water will be available during our recommended test.