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More Reviews Collected Over 30+ Years

Thank you Nation’s Pure. We moved into our forever home only to realize once moving in that the water coming out of our well was black and smelled like rotten eggs. It was AWFUL! The water was also so hard that my skin felt like it was falling off every time I took a shower. There was not enough lotion in the world to fix it. Hours after having your water system installed, no more smell, no more black water! We can’t thank you enough! Customer service was beyond top notch and techs were super kind and friendly. Bless you all!—T.C. | North Texas
We are pleased with the service we get from Nation’s Pure. Anytime we have an issue or question they resolve it immediately. Customer service is always very accommodating in scheduling our appointments. I know we couldn’t do without the water filtration and whole house system in our area.—R.H. | Weatherford, TX
This was one of the best investments we have ever made! Our water now leaves our dishes clean, our clothes cleaner, and it feels great on our skin. We immediately could tell a difference after our Nation’s Pure System was installed.—S.B. | Azle, TX
Love the ice water, as good as or better than upstate New York. Also, absolutely no sulfur smell as I might have expected. Water system for shower was excellent.—R.T. | Dripping Springs, TX
Such a difference!! The iron was over the top- we were constantly cleaning everything in the house and our laundry was a mess. Life without iron is great; thanks Nation’s Pure! —D.B. | Stephenville, TX
have been very pleased with Nation’s Pure. The Operations Manager, Brandi, has done an outstanding job in taking care of us. The technician did a great job with the service. Thank you!—M.B. | Waco, TX
I like Nation’s Pure water, for the softness and the pureness of it. I have enjoyed the way it leaves our clothes and how I don’t have to use so much detergent. I like it a lot I don’t have to buy so many water bottles. —M.R. | Decatur, TX
We have been extremely happy with our water system. My husband has very dry skin but not anymore. We use much less soap, shampoo, detergent, etc. The service is also very good. Thank you for being here for us. —L.L. | Waco, TX
Nations Pure is top notch and their willingness for explaining and making certain you understand the process is hands down the best. We highly recommend Nations Pure and the smell was gone before Nations Pure left our driveway!—Kay F. | Weatherford, TX
We are very pleased with the install and the service during the install. They were first and foremost very knowledgeable of the product, equipment and they cared about our satisfaction. I would highly recommend the company and the installers.—R.B. | Lampasas, TX
Very satisfied. Can tell the difference in water from before the system was installed.—J.E. | Burnet, TX
Everything went great today, tech was knowledgeable about everything, explained and showed me what I wanted to know, great tech.—M.S. | Weatherford, TX
Happy to say we are really enjoying our tea, can’t believe how clear it is. Our fixtures are staying clean. You have made a difference!—H.T.S. | Abilene, TX
I am extremely satisfied with our water system. Your service has been great, but I must admit that we have only called you twice in 17 years. Once when our house was struck by lightening and one other time when service was needed. Your techs were very nice, and quick. I highly recommend your company.  —M.G. | Willow Park, TX
When we did a final walk through in our new home (new to us) the bath water came out brownish black and it smelled horrible. My wife and I have never had a well so we started investigating what was going on. We had the previous owners replace the water heater because the bottom element had deteriorated. We thought that was it. Heck who can’t stand a little brownish water that smells horrible, right? Anyway, we moved in and 3 months later that brown water began again. It turns out that our water is so hard and corrosive that the bottom heating element lasted only 3 months in a NEW water heater.We immediately looked into different systems and chose Nations Pure for our water treatment. What a difference it has made. We have had the system for almost a year and have not needed to replace a water heater element or any other household water item. Our new dishwasher sparkles after every wash, we do not need to squeegee or spray shower cleaner after each shower to hold the buildup of deposits that were prevalent in our area of Central Texas. We use less soap in the showers and our water tastes fantastic.—P.C. | Dripping Springs, Texas
I would like to thank you for having such a great product. My water doesn’t stink and tastes delicious. I have already noticed that I don’t have the stains from the well water anymore. It was a pleasure to have these experienced and very friendly technicians install the system. The analyst was very nice and informative also. Thank you so much! —PL | North TX
The water is great! It makes wonderful tea. The scale is gone, and my skin feels great! —San Angelo, TX
I love my system! —N.N. | Azle TX
I like to be informed that it is time to get the evaluation. I am pleased with the service representatives, and I like the clean water. Our system seems to be doing a good job with the filters provided.—J.M. | Weatherford, TX
After installing Nation’s Pure I did not have any problems. I have had good customer service, and the people who come out here to test and replace the filters have been great. I would recommend Nation’s Pure to anyone.—V.S. | Rockwall, TX
Love It!! —W.H. | Cumby, TX
Mr.: So we purchased this home recently, March I believe it was and while we were looking at different houses we pinpointed the area of Silverado. The thing we found was that the home we were looking at had a pretty strong odor in the water so prior to actually acquiring the house we reached out to Nation’s Pure and had them test the water and they built a solution that actually created bottled water. There’s no odor left, all the tests are good, and the water is pure. The water is quality. I can’t say more than anything that Nation’s Pure made this house more than a home for us.Mrs.: Besides the quality and I can’t say how much I appreciate Nation’s Pure customer service. Recently my husband was traveling and we had an issue with the water and the flow into the house. Nation’s Pure was out here immediately. I called them and they sent a tech out here that evening. He was able to replace the filter and get water back into the home. So, for me as a homeowner, I appreciate not only the quality but also the service which Nation’s Pure offers. —M.M.W. | Texas
Mr.: We moved in about last… it’s been about 16 months. We just knew from when we were here with the inspector that the water just smelled.Mrs.: Not just smelled. It smelled like rotten eggs.Mr.: Yeah, within about 30 seconds of turning on the kitchen sink it would fill the whole house with the smell. So we knew right away that we needed to do something. We weren’t sure what.Mr.: We actually contacted several companies. Nation’s Pure was the only one who actually came out and made their appointment. I met with a representative and he did a water test while he was at the house. Explained what was in our water and more than we needed to know. And then provided us with the solutions that Nation’s Pure has. We chose the combo solution which has the water tanks and the whole home RO system.Mrs.: For the week it took before we had the Nation’s Pure System we didn’t even wash our dishes or bathe in the water. It was that bad. So had to actually go to friends’ houses to even bathe because we were not going to use the water.Mr.: When we had the Nation’s Pure System installed they cleaned out all our lines of any previous gunk that’s in there. And put in our system; that was about a full day’s worth of work.What is the water like now?Mr.: It’s like bottled water. No smell, no taste.Mrs.: Yeah, our kids drink it out of the bath tub. I don’t care. We have a fish tank and when I fill that up I don’t have to add any chemicals, rarely do I have to clean it, everything is just nice. —M.M.S. | Texas
Our water was hard, caused iron stains and also had a constant sulfur smell. On top of that we had terrible water pressure. Nation’s Pure not only solved the water problems but we also have city like pressure all the time. The Nation’s Pure system is one of the best investments I have ever made.—Pamela Holland | Texas
We moved in in 2006 and after a few months experienced the sulfur/rotten egg smell from our water. The builder recommended bleaching the well every few months, which we weren’t too excited about. After about a year, a Nation’s Pure representative came by, told us about the system and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you Nation’s Pure for making our home even better. —E. H. | Azle, TX
When we came here, there was an old house out there that had a well. It supplied the house with water so we used that. We discovered that it had a horrible odor to it. It was very hard water in fact it was just undrinkable. It was just unusable just the way it was. We actually had a bottled water unit in the church to use for Sunday mornings. One of the families in the church has Nation’s Pure and they told us about it and they contacted Nation’s Pure and made arrangements to put our system in. It’s unbelievable how much difference there is. We have a reverse osmosis machine for under the sink with a spigot for that but the water out of the faucet is just as good as that reverse osmosis water is. It’s amazing how much difference there is. There’s no odor. It’s totally drinkable, it’s just amazing what difference the system made in the water. —G.G. | Texas
What was your water before your Nation’s Pure Water System?Mr.: It was smelly. You wouldn’t drink it because it was offensive to smell. So we got bottled water. We made coffee in it the first morning and the cup stained just like you had put shoe polish on the inside of it. So, we didn’t use the water anymore for coffee. Until y’all came out, we bought bottled water. She took a shower one day and it turned her expensive wedding set brownish colored.Mrs.: It was caustic but I went and got it cleaned so it’s back to new again. There was one day, I was moving a whole bunch of stuff in and I was just parched. So parched my throat was sticking together so I thought I’ve got to get a drink. I got a glass out, I knew how the water was, because we had experienced it for about a week. So I filled the cup up with water…it was like I was taking medicine or something… and I took three big gulps and about the time that I exhaled through my nose is about the time that I had to vomit. And I was so glad the door was so close because just the smell of it will make you intensely ill.What is the water like now?Mr.: Oh it’s fine. It’s like daylight and dark. Immediately. The day they left. It only took them one day to do everything they did. It was fine that night. Two men. Just two men. They had to go up through the attic and down to get to the well. Yeah they were on the ball, very efficient. Knew what they were doing.How is your drinking water?Mrs.: I gulp it. I drink more water than I drink anything. So it was really, really important to me.—M.M.B. | Texas
I have worked with 6 members of Nation’s Pure to date. All have been extremely knowledgeable, professional, timely and courteous. Top notch performance! —R.D. | Dripping Springs, TX
Our water was hard, caused iron stains and also had a constant sulfur smell. On top of that we had terrible water pressure. Nation’s Pure not only solved the water problems but we also have city like pressure all the time. The Nation’s Pure system is one of the best investments I have ever made. —RL | Springtown, TX
I love my Nation’s Pure Water System. My skin feels softer after a shower (versus the sticky feeling or dry feeling you sometimes get after a “hard water” shower). My husband drinks from the filtered water source all the time, which saves us money on bottled water. Reps of the company are always polite and flexible! —C.R. | Aubrey, TX
Nation’s Pure was very professional and prompt. Their presentation was very informative and worked with our schedules to have the system installed quickly. It was a pleasure to work with them.  —D.B. | Aledo, TX
We have enjoyed the pure water the last 2 years. We have had no problems. You are very prompt in your service.—J.L. | Weatherford, TX
I appreciate Nation’s Pure, they have been of good service to me for many years. I will recommend them to all. —M.B. | Poolville, TX
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate the way you conduct business - from our first meeting to discuss whether we wanted a water purification system, to the completion of the project. Eric and his team were just great: courtesy and very professional. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service and product. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.—JM | Arlington, TX
Our water system makes all the difference in the world for us. Everyone has been very friendly and professional- always taking the time to answer any questions we have. We have no hesitation in telling anyone about your company. —D.F. | Weatherford, TX
By far Nation’s Pure is the best company we have had the pleasure of working with. The water quality is wonderful and it is nice to take a bath without sandy water.—A.J. | Weatherford, TX
I have found the service prompt and reliable. Previous to moving to the area I had a water softener that I had to service myself and that did not have the drinking water service-This is by far preferable and I do not hesitate to recommend the service to others.—F.C. | Justin, TX
It was unlivable actually. We had just moved into this house and I don’t know how anybody lived here. Everything was full of scale and it was white and we had to get new appliances; new dishwasher… we could barely even shower. It was really bad. It had high calcium bicarbonate.I found them (Nation’s Pure) online. I saw many, many reviews and they were all positive so I just gave them a call. They came out quick and fixed it within a day and a half.It’s a completely different situation. I actually want to drink the water, all the time. I can taste the difference in bottled water and anyone else’s filtered water. Whatever it is I can taste what’s in the water and I don’t want to drink it. I just want to take this water everywhere we go. And it’s clean! In the shower… there’s no scum on the door, nothing on the counter, nothing on the dishes, skin feels great. Hair is great. It does a body good. —C.B | Texas
We had never used a water conditioning system previous to moving into our new home last November. The difference in the water quality with the Nation’s Pure System is simply amazing. Skin actually feels wonderful after bathing. There is no soap residue. Coffee, tea, ice water from the reverse osmosis spout is restaurant quality. Cloths from the dryer do not need ironing. Washer and dishwasher do a better job. The water has no taste or odor. Overall, this is one the best investments we have ever made. We would never be without one again. —J.M. | Stephenville
Good service, good tasting water, no problems with equipment. Timely service and I appreciate that the technician called when he arrived.—K.C. | Springtown, TX
We are still very pleased with our investment after all these years. Having an unlimited supply of fresh, clean, great-tasting water is like Manna from Heaven!—G.M. | Stephenville, TX
We absolutely love this system. Our well water is so hard, that all of our glasses, plates, everything had a white, cloudy film on it. You never even felt clean after a shower. Now our dishes are clean and clear, no film. Our water tastes wonderful and nothing plugs up. The service is such an excellent bonus. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. We look forward to continuing this for years to come.—R.K. | Gustine, TX
We are very happy with our water system and the service, my wife says it’s the best money we have spent. —K.M. | East Texas
Hi, Nation’s Pure.Thankfully the smell is gone! That is a huge relief!—B.T.W. | Central, TX
Great service techs! Water is Excellent! —T.R. | Whitney, TX
We love our Nation’s Pure water system. We have recommended it to our neighbors. It does the job!—M.C. | Cundiff, TX
Great- Good service! —R.L. | Weatherford, TX
The first few days of using our NEW water is truly amazing. We had iron and rotten egg which I am happy to report is GONE. We can drink the water and not have to buy container water. Why didn’t we do this sooner? The salesman was on top of his game. The installation crew was professional and explained the system in detail. At this point in time we could not be happier with our new water system. Give your sales and installation team a big THANK YOU. —J.G. | Collinsville, TX
With Nation’s Pure, our water doesn’t smell anymore, no odor at all, and no more black water. Just good clean water. —D.R. | Prosper, TX
Water’s great! Service is great! Friendly service people. Enjoying improved quality of water. Fresher, cleaner tasting. Much better coffee!!—R.L. | Waco, TX
Dear Nation’s Pure,We can certainly tell the difference with the mineral scale and hardness removed. We never really bought bottled water, but we have outstanding drinking water at our sink now.The most memorable part of the experience was the crew you sent out, Eric and Andrew. They spent two hours leveling a storage building that we planned to move to make way for the installation. Instead, they came up with a much better installation solution which is literally invisible, yet very convenient. Eric and Andrew did a ton of extra work they never expected to do and seemed happy to do it. Andrew did a lot of hand-digging and trenching, and when the water lines were connected, Andrew did an outstanding job of replacing the sod. They also installed an extra cutoff valve and an extra power strip next to the filters at no charge. Everything about their work at our home was above and beyond.You have some outstanding people working for you.—BB |Dallas
So in our previous residence, which is in the same general area, so the water is pretty similar in that you had a lot of additives in the water. Calcium and a lot of things so we had continuing problems with shower heads clogging up and bathtubs having grains of things in it. So we found Nation’s Pure online, we called them and they came out and installed one. We really enjoyed the system; the drinking water was much better to drink. It also cleared out all our problems of either having to replace the shower head or cleaning it out once every two or three months. … We really do like the Nation’s Pure system. —G.Z. | Texas
Thank you for the water quality that you provide to us. The customer service staff has been great to meet our service needs. Thank you. —M.B. | Waco, TX
We really enjoy the quality of the water. The service personnel are always very professional and friendly. We have had very good experiences with Nation’s Pure.—J.C. | Weatherford, TX
Our system has run flawlessly since we had it installed 3 years ago. Nation’s Pure is an outstanding company. Thank you. —J.T. | Fort Worth, TX
Service excellent-no complaints, keep up the good work! —C.L. | Peaster, TX
I have enjoyed your service over the years. Technicians are knowledgeable, polite and quick. We don’t have problems with the equipment as well. In addition, phone personal are polite and easy to communicate with.—M.A. | Aledo, TX
We love our water! We are so happy that the calcium build up is no longer a daily fight. Thank you!—S.A. | Azle, TX
I have had service performed by your technicians for 1 year. Each time they have been out, they have provided excellent service. They leave no mess and provide useful hints to keep my system operating correctly. Today has been no different. The technician is knowledgeable on my system and courteous. —G.V. | Azle, TX
Taste and appearance is fine. Much better with system than before. Techs are always polite and informative. I would recommend system to others. Thanks! —R.B. | Springtown, TX
We have been very pleased with the system overall. Our clothes are cleaner and the bathroom sinks, toilets and tubs no longer get brown rings and brown water. We also appreciate the prompt service we receive when concerns appear. —G.K. | Fort Worth, TX
AWESOME!!! All of your company has taken good care of my family!—M.G.| Fort Worth, TX
Our well water was cloudy, and it stymied multiple well experts. After six months of frustration, we called Nation’s Pure. The representative diagnosed my problem on the first phone call and then visited my home to explain the solution and lay out a financing plan that worked for our family. We are delighted to now have beautiful, clear, great-tasting water! I wish I had called Nation’s Pure first. —S.R. | Whitesboro, TX
Very professional and courteous. Technician did a great job for us. Enjoy the product and water softener.—M.H. | Ennis, TX
Very Good System.—W.K. | Evant, TX
From the first person I met from Nations Pure at the fair booth to the finishing of our install, everyone showed themselves to be extremely kind and professional. I do feel like every single person worked their hardest and went out of their way to answer every question and meet every need. I honestly believe you will not find a better team out there. We had a well service come out several times and spent thousands of dollars to try and fix our well problems, but none of them were fixed. Nations Pure fixed every issue on their first day at our well. The technicians were so committed to fixing our problems that they arrived at 9 a.m. didn’t leave until 5:30p.m. and never even stopped for a lunch break. Integrity and hard work is woven throughout this company and their products are amazing!! I would gladly refer anyone that has a well to this company & I am an extremely picky person. Thank y’all for doing such an amazing job! —J.A. | Weatherford, TX
We’ve been very pleased so far. I would highly recommend your company. —B.G. | Weatherford, TX
I have had great service from Nation’s Pure from day one. Your workers are polite and very helpful, both in your office and service people out in the field. —S.H. | Rhome, TX
Water quality has been great. System has been working well. —R.B. | Aledo, TX
We have had your system for close to 2 years and it has been fantastic. Recently our area had an extreme amount of rain and people in Hayes county were told to boil their water. I decided to have our water checked out by an independent water testing lab. I tested the RO water and the well water. We had a positive for e-coli and coliform in the well water and nothing in the RO water. The neighborhood was so surprised that a lot of people had their water tested and asked about the RO system. Thank you Nations Pure!—P.C. | Central Texas
We are very pleased with the system!—C.C. | Greenville, TX
Your company is always here on time. Very polite, leaves the sink area clean. Helpful on any question and gives suggestions.—J.P. | Azle, TX
The water is very good quality. Before the system, it was quite hard. We have not experienced any trouble with our system.—B.B. | Brownsboro, TX
I really like that is keeps the white deposits from building up on my faucets. It is also healthier for my hair to use good water.—L.B. | Keller, TX
We have lived out here 11 years. During that 11 years our water continued to deteriorate and really became a problem for us. About a year and a half ago we also found out that we have high levels of methane in our water. Our water always did have a real smell to it, kinda like a rotten egg smell. Once we got the test results on our methane we, both for safety reasons as well as quality of water, started researching different systems. I found out about the Nation’s Pure Water Systems and so I went on their website and started doing some research and found that there are some other people in the Silverado Home Subdivision that had the Nation’s Pure Reverse Osmosis System. They spoke very highly of the company and their experience with it so we called and set up an appointment with them. They came out and did some water testing on our water, gave us some ideas of what the Nation’s Pure Reverse Osmosis system would do to help correct our water problems and so we made the decision to make the investment with Nation’s Pure. We’ve been very pleased with our experience with them. They’ve always responded to any issues that we had. They’ve always been very professional with us and very patient with us. Our experience with Nation’s Pure has been very good. They continue to come out and test our water and make sure we are pleased with their system. I guess the biggest thing that I can say is I would do it all over again. We definitely would purchase the Nation’s Pure Reverse Osmosis system again.—M.M.D. | Weatherford, TX
We have had your system for a few months now and I have to say we are amazed every day at the results. It really seems too good to be true.—D.T. | North Texas
I love it here but when I moved in I didn’t realize that there was such a water problem. I have had a system in my barn that was supposed to have cleaned it but it was very antiquated and after doing research and gathering recommendations from neighbors I decided to replace. That has eradicated any problems that I have had with the water. There’s no smell. There’s no grit in it. My water is clean and very drinkable and I’m very glad that I went ahead and made the investment because it’s perfect now.—C.D. | Texas
I have lived on well water most of my life, but having just moved into the area, Texas water is awful! It smells awful and tastes awful! Without your filters and system, county living would be impossible. Everything is 100% better.—C.S. | Fort Worth, TX
The presentation was excellent. Installation was quick; “Busters” busted their backsides and did a great job. Water tastes and smells great!—T.& D. | Dallas, TX
I like my Nation’s Pure water system a lot. I use less body lotion!—A.L. | Fort Worth, TX
We chose to go with the Nation’s Pure water system because of the straight talk and guarantees that were offered to us when the representative came to help us with the analysis. We took advantage of the trade-in option and looked forward to actually having softened water in our home for the first time in almost a year of living here. So we have been living with our Nation’s Pure water system for almost 2 years now. I have to sing praises of all the differences we have noticed. In order to make it easy, I will just list them.1. We both noticed a pronounced difference in how smooth the water felt on our skin on the VERY FIRST DAY of installation. NO delay!2. We had both been noticing very dry heels/feet with our hard water. Both have seen marked differences in our skin condition overall, but especially in our feet.3. I love that I can wipe off our sink, our flat top stove, our shower door, our faucets, and any other smooth surfaces and there is not one water stain or any residue.4. We use far less detergent in a washer and dish washer.5. We use far less baby soap, bubble bath, shampoo, and hand soap.6. We have seen our tea go from cloudy to perfectly clear using the RO water. We have even been able to cut back on the amount of tea bags used because the water tastes so clean and clear that it requires less sugar and tea.7. Our drinking water tastes like bottled water.I have been notorious in the course of our marriage for having horrible buyer’s remorse with every purchase we have ever made that was more than a couple hundred dollars. I have been shocked at the glee with this purchase and the absolute lack of buyer’s remorse.We went to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday and noticed the difference as soon as we arrived there in going backwards to hard water again. We were really happy to come home again to use our Nation’s Pure treated water!We both are thrilled with the results, and feel very comfortable knowing we are saving our appliances, our skin, and even saving money on soaps/detergents. We wholeheartedly recommend a Nation’s Pure system!!—S.T.M | Weatherford, TX
Never had a problem. Always prompt, professional and efficient. Takes care of business. The lady in the office is also very friendly and professional. Great team- great service! —B.H. | Azle, TX
I just wanted to thank you and I was impressed with your presentation of the water system. This letter is also in regard to our installation of the Nation’s Pure water system. I can’t comment enough about the workmanship that was performed and could not have asked for any better respect and concern in doing a good installation for us. The installers were kind and considerate in their performance of the installation and it was done very professionally. With these types of individuals on your team, no telling how far your company will grow and prosper because of their worry of doing a professional job, mannerism, and making the customer satisfied. We speak from experience in dealing with other contractors. They don’t care if you are standing there, they do what they want not considering your needs or wants. I hope you will let the installers know how appreciative we are with their work and the system is working great!Thank you for allowing us to experience such good quality water and the professionalism of your staff.—R.S.E. | Waco, TX
They are a great company. Very friendly staff and respectable when in your home.—D.B. | Fort Worth, TX
It’s been great!—D.H. | Salado, TX
My name is David Woodcock. I’m the director of Adult Teen Challenge of Texas-Azle campus. We are a men’s facility…a ministry that helps adult men with life controlling issues such as drugs and alcohol. And they come to us broken, basically, and they are here for a full year. We are faith based. We believe it is the Jesus factor that helps change their lives permanently. They come here for a full year. There is a full curriculum of Christian studies to go through. There is a lot of structure. Structure that they haven’t had in their lives before. A lot of things they have to learn to be obedient to and submit to. They do this for a whole year and are immersed in the Word of God. So over the course of a year their minds start to become clear they start to become renewed in their minds which consequently transforms them and make them literally different people by the time they graduate from this program.We have 38 beds for our students and we have another 6 men that live here. So we have over 40 men that live here on this facility. The water was horrible here. The calcium buildup was just enormous. We had ice machines that didn’t last very long because they would become so corroded they would just break. We had to change filters constantly until the ice machines would just break. Our shower heads would get so corroded with calcium that we would have to take them out, clean them out with bleach and literally poke each hole to get the calcium out of them. Our pipes would get hardened. It affected our laundry, and you can imagine we do a lot of laundry out here with 40 plus men living here. It was bad.Now, it’s a night and day difference. The water is amazing. It’s drinkable. It doesn’t have that cloudiness to it. We don’t have any issues with the ice machines, the showers, the laundry units- nothing. Everything runs smooth and it’s an enormous difference.—D.W. | Texas
My wife and I, we bought this house in Granbury in 1990. So we’ve been in it a long time. We like the house. We plan on staying here but it came time we wanted to remodel our bathrooms and our kitchen. Being on the Trinity Aquifer we had a lot of damage to our plumbing from the Total Dissolved Solids in our water. It had ruined a lot of the plumbing. It had etched all of the glass- in the shower and in the kid’s bath. We decided that before we remodeled we needed to do something about our water situation. Buy a water system.In my mind, what I needed was a water softener to correct the water situation. But the Nation’s Pure Representative made it clear the water softener wasn’t my solution, the problem was the Total Dissolved Solids that I had. Actually he tested my water right out of the tap with a device he had with him. It was over 900 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids. Which I looked later on the internet, I did a little research and found out that between 1,000 and 3,000 ppm is brackish. So basically, brackish water was coming into my house. That’s what was ruining all my plumbing and the glass and the ice maker and just everything the water touched it just trashed it. So now, my ppm since I got my system is like about 8 or 9ppm. So the water is pure. It’s unbelievable when you use it- when ice cubes come out of the fridge. They’re clear. It’s unbelievable. Instead of using a Brita water filter or any of those kind of contraptions… Now you can cook with the water, you can drink it right out of the tap- it’s delicious. When you shower… I can tell the difference in the water quality just in the shower. My daughter, she had a place on her hair which was kind of drying out. She though she needed a better conditioner or something like that. After we put the water system in that went away. So, just little things like that. But the main thing is, now we can remodel the home and we can spend the money that needs to be spent and not have to worry about the water destroying the work we do to the house. We are really happy with it. We are thrilled with it. I just love it.—M.H. | Texas
Very professional and courteous. The service personnel will work hard to make sure everything is done correctly. They always go above and beyond to ensure great service. We referred people not even knowing that they offered a referral program. What a pleasant surprise when we received a bonus check from Nations Pure. We’ve had our system in place for around seven years and we’ve had no problems with it and it’s done all that Nations Pure has said it would. That’s saying a lot concerning that the hard water count coming from my well was 28 ppm. They even connected the house water to the barn for no additional charge. Thank you Nations Pure for your product and for all you do.—Geoff Klein | Denton, Texas
-Long-time customer-Service is always very good-Water system water quality excellent-Under sink units in both houses give excellent water for drinking and cooking—K.J. | Frisco, TX
Love our system. Very clean and fresh water!—S.F. | Haslet, TX
Overall it is much improved over the water direct form the well. We’re not experiencing a lot of mineral build up and the “rotten egg” smell is gone. Very pleased! —M.B. | Weatherford, TX
Our water was so muddy from our well, for our new home, we couldn’t consider taking a bath in it. Your outstanding solution to this problem was absolutely effective. I did not ever think we could ever get rid of this mud as it would not even settle in a glass or sink. Now it is clear as a “bell” and we are enjoying our water.—JM | Seagoville TX
I have had this system for 3yrs. Love it. Never have to buy bottled water. Maintenance we have is excellent. They test water, change filters, you never have to worry about your water system. So far, no problems at all. Actually, our second. We had one in our previous home and have recommended them to countless others. —K.P. | Weatherford, TX
It’s awesome! We love our reverse osmosis water purifier. We no longer us bottled water.—J.L. | Fort Worth, TX
I had Nation’s Pure installed 15 yrs ago. The workmanship of their product has been superb, the service to their customers are excellent. If you want clean, pure, fresh water, you got to have Nation’s Pure. —R.W. | Saginaw, TX
When Tom and I first bought our house out here we just loved this area but when we drilled our wells it was a real shock. The water was so odiferous it was just overwhelming. You could not take a shower in it or, if you did, you took a very short shower. The hotter it got, the steamier it got, the smellier it got. So, we first did just a regular system, which worked okay, it was never great. Then, we don’t know what exactly changed but something changed and it started to fail. Something happened to release all the gases that were potentially in the water and everything else and we ended up talking to some people here in the neighborhood who had used Nation’s Pure. So we installed our Nation’s Pure System and the difference is just night and day. The odor is gone. I can take a shower in it. I can take a long shower in it. Wash my hair and let the cream rinse sit there for three minutes instead of jumping out and trying to get the smell off of me. It has just been a total transformation in the water system. I actually bottle our water from here and take it into the city because the city water tastes like dirt and this water tastes like nothing but pure, clean, good water. —T.S. | Texas
I love my Pure water with Nation’s Pure. I’m always telling people. The service on the phone and the service people who come to my home are friendly and know what they are doing. —D.D. | Azle, TX
Service is good, water is fresh and clear. I have recommended Nation’s Pure to others.—H.K. | Boyd, TX
We are delighted with our Nation’s Pure water system. We have a well that has sand, it stopped that. We had rotten egg smell and now it’s gone.—R.F. | Weatherford, TX
Our water was hard, smelly and on some days the chlorine was really bad. We installed the Nation’s Pure System and our water through the entire house is great. The smell and chlorine are gone plus the problems from hard water are a thing of the past. We would not be without this system!—A.W | N.TX
The water is good, the system works great. It stops sediments and keeps things free from sediments. There were some equipment issues a couple of years ago but you stood behind the product and things are working great now. —J.L. | Weatherford, TX
Had very good experiences with the system. Water is soft and the drinking water is very good and odor and taste free. System is working as it should. —H.H. | Oak Leaf, TX
We have the unit for approximately 2 years and it has given us good water. Thanks for the good services.—R.C. | Chico, TX
Love the system. We have had no issues with the bad smelling water (which we had). The water is great-tasting too!—C.E. | Azle, TX
We are happy with the system. Service and support are great. Technicians are thorough and timely. —D.A. | Fort Worth, TX
We have been customers of Nations Pure for 5 years and have been extremely satisfied with the water system and our reverse osmosis system. —N.W. | Weatherford
Wonderful! The service is wonderful. The people are wonderful and cooperative. And finally, it is wonderful to have great water. Everyone comments on how wonderful my water is. Thank you!—M.P. | Weatherford, TX
Both of my boys have commented on how different the water is now. I like it now! I’m not embarrassed to have out-of-state visitors because the water doesn’t have that rotten egg smell and I really like not having to serve water out of a jug!—M.T. | Fort Worth, TX
Great System, will always have one in my house(s) from now on!!—B.E. | Midlothian, TX
Doing business with Nation’s Pure has been a pleasure. Thank you for your outstanding workmanship on our well and for your warm customer service.—S.R. | Whitesboro, TX
I have a high salt water well in central Texas that is 1/3 of the way to actual sea water in terms of salt content. Worse, the water from this well also contains iron and hydrogen sulfide. The water is unbearable without treatment. We had contracted two different companies to correct this water and both failed. Finally, we found Nation’s Pure. Their understanding of our well chemistry problems was immediately obvious and their approach was effective and professional. Moreover, the technicians who performed our equipment installation were head and shoulders better skilled and knowledgeable than crews from prior companies who had tried and failed to correct my water.Today, I have true bottled water quality water throughout my entire home. Our drinking water is perfect! The salt, iron, and hydrogen sulfide are completely gone. Our water is similar to a virgin mountain stream, or even rainwater. I strongly recommend this company, Nation’s Pure.—B.M. | Central, TX