Filtermax Water



Remove chlorine and odors, as well as help eliminate scale and hard water deposits.


FilterMax is the premier whole house water filtration treatment system and the optimal water filter choice for the removal of suspended solids and other sediments in your drinking water. This product is designed to provide the maximum amount of chlorine and odor removal as well as increase the effectiveness of scale and hard water deposit elimination.
It is an automatic and self-cleaning water filter; nullifying the need for endless cartridge replacements.
Contaminants in Your WaterWater contaminants can roughly be divided into four general categories. The first is physical solids. Physical solids can be divided into two sub-categories: suspended and dissolved solids. Suspended solids are those sediments which are in the water but have not become part of the water’s chemistry. Dissolved solids, in contrast, have dissolved into the water. In this dissolved state, solids are no longer independent of the water but now part of the solution.
Salt and Pepper in Drinking WaterSalt and Pepper are examples of two solids which behave differently in water, causing distinct problems. Pepper can be sprinkled into a glass of water and remain independent of the water. Pepper can be stirred or shaken with the water but that does not alter its suspended nature therefore, pepper is a suspended solid. Salt, on the other hand dissolves in water. The naked eye cannot detect dissolved solids because they are so reduced in size and complexity that they are in the solution of your drinking water.
Organic ContaminantsThe next category is organic contaminants. In great volume organic contaminants can be seen but often they are not observable. An alga is an example of an organic contaminant that may be invisible or visible to the naked eye depending upon the quantity. The terms “organics” covers a list of possible contaminants too long to enumerate here.
Gases in WaterThe last category is gases. Gases are thought of separately and behave uniquely relative to other constituents and contaminants in water. Time, temperature and pressure each play a role in the levels of manifestation of gases.
Water Purification System for Your HomeThe FilterMax whole house water filtration system is used to address in some way all four categories of filterable/hard water issues. Water testing will guide us as to the most appropriate recommendation for your water.
The end goal? Complete water purification through our commercial or residential hard water treatment.

More information on these aspects of stinky water will be available during our recommended test.