Texas Aquifers



We are the Texas Aquifer experts!

The state of Texas covers 23 aquifers (7 major and 16 minor aquifers) that underlie approximately ¾ of the state. The Ogallala Aquifer accounts for about 90% of the water in all of Texas aquifers. Groundwater from Texas aquifers is used for irrigation, municipal use, manufacturing, and livestock production. Pumping of water from many aquifers in Texas has resulted in a significant lowering of the water table.
Major AquifersThe major aquifers in Texas include the Ogalalla aquifer, the Gulf Coast aquifer, the Edwards aquifer, Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer, Edwards-Trinity (Plateau) aquifer, the Seymour aquifer, the Hueco-Mesilla Bolson, and the Cenozoic Pecos aquifer. The Ogalalla Aquifer, the largest aquifer in North America, covers 174,000 square miles in 8 states (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming) and incorporates some of the most important agricultural land in the nation. More than 14 million hectares of land are irrigated by the Ogallala.


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