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Scale sediment in well water are the presence of scale forming minerals, often in combination with carbonates that bond to any surface. Removal of these contaminants from hard water will require a purification treatment.

So how does scale get in the water?Have you ever been in a cave? Do you recall the stalactites and stalagmites? That is water hardness. It got into the cave the same way it gets into your home-it is dissolved in the water. When we say the term “dissolved” we are referring to the same condition or relationship sugar has in water. We all know one could put a full pound of sugar in a quart of water and it would not be visible, because it is dissolved. It (the sugar) is not visible but the full pound sugar could be measured on a scale with the water. That is the very same condition of hardness or scale in water.
Minerals in WaterThe dissolved minerals in the water are continuously coming out of the water. They are reforming into the solid rock sediment from which they began. We call those rocks “scale” or water hardness. The greater volume of mineral presence results in an ever increasing level of problems with the everyday things you do with the water.
These mineral deposits bond on to ANY surface regardless of its material composition. In other words, scale will bond as readily to skin, hair, clothes, plastic surfaces, enamel surfaces, marble, granite, copper plastic or rubber. It also bonds to itself. Many factors accelerate this process. Heat sources such as automatic dishwashing units and water heaters quicken the rock forming process and increase sediment levels in your water.
How do I know if I have scale?Aside from testing the water, there are a few questions you can ask yourself about your experience with the water to determine if you may have dissolved mineral content and require a hard water purification treatment.

● Does your skin feel dry, gritty, or squeaky while you wash?● Is it difficult or require a lot of soap to work up a lather?● Do your dishes have spots on them?● Does your laundry require copious amounts of detergent?● Does your laundry come out feeling stiff or heavy?● Do you see rock-like material in the aerators on the faucet heads?● Do you find rings forming in the toilet bowl or bathtub? ● Are you replacing coffee pots, cooking water, or appliances frequently?
When it comes to that white, chalky stuff that is building up everywhere, causing you endless cleaning - WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions you likely have dissolved mineral content in your water.

More information on these aspects of stinky water will be available during our recommended test.